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How to solve 9hits captchas by using CaptchaAI?

9Hits is an auto traffic exchange system that allows you to spend less time on your computer and more time making money. Unlike some other systems, you don't have to leave your site open for a period of time and then close it. 9Hits offers macros that will create interactions on your site like clicking and scrolling without the need to view ads. Even if you're not able to click because of a captcha, You can use CaptchaAI Emulator to solve 9hits Captcha in few steps:

Step-1: From Settings, Choose Captcha option
Update the Key input with your CaptchaAI key
Step-2: Click Check Balance.
If everything is set you will get a number, but if there is any problem in the Key or app setting you will get an “invalid login”
Do the same thing in Google Captcha tap

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