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CaptchaAI is the first OCR to solve "reCAPTCHA" with 100% success and can solve more than 27,500+ complex image captcha images.

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Millions of people worldwide rely on CaptchaAI to solve captchas. With our service, you can choose from a variety of plans to meet your needs. If you solve 3000 captchas a day, for example, you would be eligible for our $15/month unlimited captcha plan which could save you up to $250 or more each month!


CaptchaAI supports many types of Captchas, such as reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha and 27,500+ image captchas. They also support reCAPTCHA v2 and Invisible reCAPTCHA.

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CaptchaAI ensures that solving captchas is both affordable and fast. You'll always know what you're paying for, so that we don't sneak in hidden costs.

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At CaptchaAI, we are excited to provide solutions to the problems people all over the world face with Captchas. Our AI powered software is able to solve The Software Captchas in less than 15 seconds and with a total accuracy of 99.9%.
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Solve Netpeak Captcha by CaptchaAI
Solve Netpeak Captchas with CaptchaAI!
Netpeak Checker is a web-based SEO tool made for professionals. It analyzes your site and checks everything - from page content to images, links, and social media presence. This comprehensive SEO analysis will check over 1000 different search engine ranking factors.
Netpeak is one of the software that requires Captcha Recognition, CaptchaAI is the best solution for that!
It's very simple;
- From Settings, Choose Captcha services
- Update the Key input with your CaptchaAI key
- Click Check Balance.
- If everything is set you will get a number
- Click "Save"
Now, leave it to do the rest!
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