The 1st "reCAPTCHA", "hCaptcha" OCR Solver

We support reCAPTCHA 100%, hCaptcha, Solve Media, and 27,500+ image captchas.

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Easy to integrate
Can be easily integrated with any programs and scripts which require captcha recognition. Use our Emulator application and enjoy easy integration!
Saves your money
Allows saving thousands of dollars spent on manual recognition services.
Support reCAPTCHA
Supports 27,500+ image captchas, reCAPTCHA v2, Invisible reCAPTCHA, Solve Media, etc.

reCAPTCHA v2 100% accuracy
reCAPTCHA v3 100% accuracy
Invisible reCAPTCHA
Invisible reCAPTCHA 100% accuracy
hCaptcha High accuracy NEW
reCAPTCHA (any difficulty) 100% accuracy
Solve Media (any difficulty) High accuracy
image captcha
27,500+ image captchas including, Solve Media, Google captcha, reCAPTCHA v1, Facebook captcha, etc.
4,837 Types 90%+ accuracy
6,503 Types 80%+ accuracy
8,213 Types 50%+ accuracy
8,410 Types 30%+ accuracy


$15 per month
5 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$30 per month
15 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$90 per month
50 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$170 per month
100 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$240 per month
150 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$300 per month
200 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$1500 per month
1000 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$4500 per month
3000 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan

$7500 per month
5000 Captcha Threads
Solve UNLIMITED Captchas
Choose Plan
Looking for higher plan?
From small to extremely High volume Plans - Feel Free to order multiple plans to get more threads.

How To Integrate!
Wherever The Captcha You Want To Solve & How Your Software Supports Solving Captcha,
CaptchaAI is available in Many Ways of integration, Choose The Way that Suits You!
Direct Options for using CaptchaAI

Choose CaptchaAI in Software Options!

If your Software/Bot supports CaptchaAI in its Captcha options, It will be pretty easy to integrate. Just Choose CaptchaAI and add your API Key, Then run the software.

Example from our help center: How to solve GSA SER Captcha using CaptchaAI

Use CaptchaAI Chrome Extension!

CaptchaAI solver chrome extension finds CAPTCHAs on a webpage and automatically bypasses them, Just Add CaptchaAI Extension to Your Chrome.

Install: CaptchaAI - Captcha Solver (Chrome extension)

More from our help center: CaptchaAI Chrome Extension

If CaptchaAI option isn't found in Your Software!

Choose Custom 2Captcha Server!

If this option is available in your Software/Bot Captcha Options, Just Choose it and add your (CaptchAI API Key | Our OCR as a domain), it will work directly.

Example from our help center: How To Solve OpenBullet Captcha Using CaptchaAI

Use CaptchaAI Emulator!

If 2Captcha available in Options! Download CaptchaAI Emulator and run it, Choose 2Captcha Option in your software, Add your CaptchaAI API key instead of the 2captcha API, Thats all!

Download CaptchaAI Emulator

More from our help center: Using CaptchaAI emulator

Example from our help center: How to solve RankerX Google Captcha and reCaptcha v2.0 using CaptchaAI

Yes, We offer a 1-days trial so that you can have first-hand experience with our service. Request from here.
Yes, our servers are 99.9% uptime.
You can use the PayPal subscription method to start your order. However, you can pay and add funds with Paypal, PayPro Global (Visa, Master, ...), or Bitcoin, then use your balance to make your order.
Yes contact us via ticket with your suggested payment option, we support a wide base of payment methods.
Yes, Our support team is ready to help you in the integration.
We also prepared some integration help articles to help you out in this way.
We developed captchaAI emulator to be easy to connect with our services if you cannot find captchaAI option in your software.
Check these links for more info:
How to Integrate!
CaptchaAI Emulator
API Documentation
CaptchaAI threads are the number of simultaneous API calls to solve a captcha using our service at the same time. The more captcha threads you have, the greater number of Captcha you can solve at the same time.
More details check these help articles:
Understand the threads
How to calculate the CaptchaAI threads for your needs.
No, it is unlimited.
You can send as many captchas as you want, as long as you do not exceed your plan threads (the amount of captchas you can solve on-time)
The request will be refused. and you will get error message: account has zero or negative balance
For more details check this help article
If you already subscribed to a plan and decided to increase your threads. You will just need to subscribe to another plan.
You will get the total threads of 2 subscribed plans. For more info check Upgrade Subscription Help Article
Unfortunately no.
We are still working on GeeTest and it should be ready in beta version by the next month.
For funCaptcha, We plan to work on it after lunching GeeTest engine. So it may take some more time.

Need more help? Check CaptchaAI Help Center

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